Backing B2B SaaS Founders looking to solve LATAM's most pressing challenges

What We Do

Worthit partners with visionary founders building B2B SaaS companies in LATAM, targeting a range of market segments from SMEs to large corporates. We focus on pre-seed stage investments, providing crucial support during the early business validation and traction stages. Our commitment is to help startups leverage their technologies to accelerate impact across diverse business environments. With Jaime Sotomayor’s extensive network and experience bridging connections between startups and various business sectors, Worthit is ideally equipped to enhance business development opportunities for our partners.We invest in startups with distinct competitive edges—those creating innovative technologies that are indispensable to businesses but complex for them to develop internally. Worthit is committed to guiding these companies through their initial growth phases, ensuring they realize their potential and achieve scalable success.


Foccuz Insights

Foccuz enhances sales performance by providing real-time insights to commercial teams, boosting productivity, increasing revenue, and accelerating growth. It offers actionable insights to guide salespeople toward success, integrates with various tech tools to collect data efficiently, and eliminates manual errors in sales commission calculations. Foccuz also provides performance benchmarks and clear actionable to improve sales activity metrics and help Sales Executives prioritize opportunities effectively

The Team

My name is Jaime Sotomayor. I'm starting Worthit to help provide capital to LATAM startups that will help transform the corporate sector with their technologies.I've been involved in the startup ecosystem for the past 12 years. Going from Startup Founder to Startup Funder (6 Investments, 1 Exit). From University Professor to Tech Content Creator with 20k followers. From Community Member to Community Builder. From Mentor to Connecting Startups with Corporates.What motivates me to invest in startups is the possibility of generating impact through visionary founders. Having been one myself, I understand the potential one has to make a change in the industry.

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